What's the difference between PayPal Website Payments Standard, Website Payments Pro, and Express Checkout?

Using PayPal could be a good fit for you or it could be quite costly. It usually depends on your volume.

PayPal offers several different accounts, but there are some requirements on which types of accounts you can use. Here's a rundown of what PayPal accounts we support:

PayPal Website Payments Standard - Website Payments Standard enables you to accept online payments from customers with or without PayPal accounts. All you need to use PayPal Website Payments Standard is your PayPal email address.

Pros - Accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), eChecks, bank transfers, and PayPal - Receive payments from international customers

Cons - Your customers go through a 4-step process to pay for a purchase: - PayPal can freeze your funds without first contacting you

PayPal Website Payments Pro - Website Payments Pro is an actual payment gateway that ties into your PayPal account. The benefits of using an account such as this is that it allows you to accept payments without directing users to PayPal to finish checking out. Their credit card information is entered directly into Retailr, verified, and then charged. This means there are less steps for a customer to go through to make a purchase. Unlike the Business/Premier account, there are extra fees associated with this addition to your PayPal account. More information on these fees can be found on PayPal's website.

PayPal Express Checkout - Express Checkout allows your customers to checkout with their PayPal account, but they must have a PayPal account to use Express Checkout. We recommend only enabling this if you're also using another payment gateway. This would give you customers the option to checkout using their credit card on you Retailr store or using their PayPal account. They will have these options at checkout.